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Welcome to the online one stop shop for Hungarian home cooking. Here you’ll find everything from recipes on the best national dishes to the perfect produce that helps food enthusiasts the world over create the perfect Hungarian dish.
And don’t be fooled by the site title – we’re not just about Hungary’s preferred plate! We give our on-line community the perfect opportunity to launch in to the holistic world of Hungarian cooking. So whatever you’re planning do in the kitchen we’ve got something to suit everyone’s taste. Recipes for foods below coming soon! Signup to get informed!

On the menu

Hungarian cuisine consists of many flavours from many far flung countries and cultures such as France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Asia. And here at we bring a thousand years of such cooking traditions and serve it up to you so you can create a 3 course Hungarian culinary delight.
We have spectacular soups to get you started like Hungarian Goulash Soup (Gulyásleves), Cold Sour Cherry Soup (Hideg meggyleves), Chicken Meat Soup from Újház (Újházi tyúkhúsleves) and for those that want to add more ‘kick’ to cuisine, Wine Soup (Borleves).
We also cover the most popular mains in Hungary today such as Letcho (Lecsó), Virgin Rolls (Szűz tekercsek), Hungarian Goulash with red wine (Vörösboros marhapörkölt), Chicken Paprikash (Csirkepaprikás) and even show how to serve up Roast Joint (Pecsenye) on a wooden platter for that authentic taste.
And if that’s not enough and you have room for more why not let us help you craft the delightfully delectable Aranygaluska, Pancake (palacsinta) or Hungary’s most time honoured Lángos?

Helping you to a true taste of Hungary

But what’s a menu without the proper ingredients? Here at we not only demonstrate how to make the perfect Hungarian dish we help you to get the right ingredients in front of you from our online shop.
We supply everything including the mainstay of Hungarian cooking paprika. Because if you’re going to truly cook an authentic Hungarian dish you need the top quality paprika varieties such as Strong, Sweet or Spice which are all available from us.
Whether its pickled peppers, potato salads, potato soup or pastry dough’s you’re cooking you’ll be sure to find vinegar – a Hungarian favorite. We provide the best in vinegars as the perfect ingredient that doesn’t take away from your dishes main flavours. can also help you get your hands on Marmalade (Lekvár) – a pure puree of Apricot or Prune that’s cooked with sugar. No fillers, preservatives, artificial color included to ensure a 100% natural ingredient for you.
That’s just a portion of the ingredients we supply to temp your fancy, tickle your taste buds and much, much more.
What’s more if you’re after something special we’ll also help you find items we don’t usually stock on a no extra order cost basis.

Why is the embodiment of the Hungarian peoples lifestyle and the food their so passionate about. With us it’s not a case of ‘too many cooks’ as we are showcasing Hungary’s cuisines to more and more people every day around the world.
We show you, our online community, that the perfect Hungarian dish needn’t be difficult – it should be delicious!
With our step by step free recipes, reviews, buying guides and online store we make cooking the Hungarian way both fast and fun.
So join those already making a true Hungarian menu of everything from humble dishes to haute cuisine. Get cooking today. Jó étvágyat!

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